Sponsorship Guidelines

All applications for funds must be received by April 30, 2023.

Conditions of funding:

  1. The event must be free and open to all residents of your community.
  2. Provide an engagement opportunity, enabling NOPEC to connect with residents in a meaningful and relevant way that would not be possible without the sponsorship.
  3. NOPEC logo and/or name exposure is considered a bonus but is not required in order to receive sponsorship funds.
  4. Each receiving entity must provide accurate banking information, which must include a. Bank Name b. Account Number c. Routing Number, to facilitate the ACH Transfer process. NO PAPER CHECKS WILL BE ISSUED.
  5. All information submitted is confidential. Personal information collected through the process is needed to assess your communities’ application and, if awarded, the sponsorship’s administration.
  6. Funds will be disbursed no later than the end of the Second Quarter of the award year.

NOPEC will not sponsor:

  1. Religious centered events.
  2. Political campaign events.
  3. Events that do not align with NOPEC’s mission and values.
    • Determined upon application review.
  4. Discriminatory events.
  5. Duplicate existing sponsorships or involve direct competitors.

NOPEC Vendor Requirements: